Schedule For Manning Cast 2022: How to watch MNF games

ManningCast returns with Peyton Manning and Eli Manning for the second season. The show starts at 8:15 p.m. ET on Monday Night Football (see the schedule below). The Mannings offer alternate commentary and analysis during the games, while also hosting a variety of stars.


ManningCast: How to Watch

TV: All 10 ManningCast programs will be televised by ESPN2.

Stream: ESPN+ will broadcast four editions of Monday Night Football, with Eli and Peyton.

Mobile: Monday Night Football will be streamed on NFL+.

What NFL games feature ManningCast?

Week 1: Broncos at Seahawks (ESPN2, ESPN+)

Week 3: Cowboys at Giants, ESPN2, ESPN+

Week 4: Rams at 49ers

Week 7: Patriots at Bears (ESPN2)

Week 8: Bengals at Browns, (ESPN2)

Week 9: Ravens at Saints (ESPN2)

Week 13: Saints at Buccaneers, (ESPN2)

Week 14: Patriots at Cardinals

Week 15: Packers at Rams (ESPN2, ESPN+).

Wild Card Weekend: TBA (ESPN2, ESPN+)

ManningCast guest lineup

The Monday prior to the show, guests will be announced here.

Week 1 guests

Saquon Barkley (Giants running to the back)

Joel McHale (actor/comedian)

Shannon Sharpe (former Broncos/Ravens tight end).

Week 3:

Jimmy Johnson (former NFL Coach)

Pat McAfee (ESPN analyst).

Tracy Morgan (actor/comedian)

Week 4 guests TBA Oct. 3

Week 7 guests TBA Oct. 24

Week 8 guests TBA Oct. 31

Week 9 guests: TBA Nov. 7

TBA Dec. 5, 2013

TBA Dec. 12

TBA Dec. 19 – Week 15 guests

TBA January 16

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