Scientists are surprised by the structure of the rings of Uranus

Scientists have recently discovered new properties of the rings of Uranus, one of the planets in our system that can boast of similar formations. He has 13 of them in total.

It turned out that the main ring has a unique structure. It was possible to find out thanks to the analysis of thermal images.

According to astronomer Lee Fletcher (University of Leicester, UK), the researchers were surprised by the clarity of the images obtained using the equipment that records the thermal properties of the object.

It has now become clear that Uranus possesses rings formed from large fragments – the size of a golf ball. There is practically no dust between them, but dust accumulations are recorded between the rings themselves.

The structure of the rings of Uranus is thus unique in that it is built of almost identical particles, while at Saturn they, for example, show a wide range of sizes and compositions, and at Jupiter and Neptune they are mainly composed of dust.

The temperature of the rings was also determined. It was −196.15 degrees Celsius. Under the conditions of the earth’s atmospheric pressure, approximately under such conditions, nitrogen begins to boil.

Scientists have yet to figure out how the rings of Uranus could have formed, given their amazing structure.