Scientists created atomic clocks to study dark matter

Scientists created atomic clocks to study dark matter

A group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claimed to have created the world’s most accurate clock.
Scientists have stated that their clocks are the most accurate in the world.

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According to them, the device will help in the study of the effects of gravity on the passage of time and changes in time as the universe ages. They also believe that atomic clocks are so sensitive that they can detect dark matter and gravitational waves.

The researchers used an unconventional method to achieve greater accuracy. Instead of measuring randomly vibrating atoms, they focused the device on quantum entangled atoms.

To do this, the scientists “entangled” 350 atoms of ytterbium, whose vibrational frequency corresponds to the frequency of visible light. By tracking these oscillations, scientists will be able to distinguish smaller and smaller intervals of time.

Scientists have suggested that if such atomic clocks had existed since the birth of the universe, they would have strayed to the current moment by less than a tenth of a second. And the most accurate clock in existence today would be half a second behind.