10 months ago

Scientists explain the mystery of the “strange asymmetry” of the far side of the moon

10 months ago

Scientists have revealed new details about the far side of the moon, shedding light on its early history. They also explained where the unusual asymmetry came from.

The dark side of the moon has long been a source of secrets. The first people to see the other side of the moon were the Apollo 8 team – Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders during a series of historical circuits. In a new study, an international team of scientists gives an explanation of the “strange asymmetry”, and it is related to the origin of Luis.

Scientists believe that the moon was formed when a body the size of Mars collided with proto-Earth. Experts from the Institute of Earth and Life Sciences of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the University of Florida, the Carnegie Institute of Science and the Space Center. Johnson says only 1% of the back is covered by the seas. According to the author, asymmetry is associated with an uneven distribution of radioactive materials after the formation of the moon.

The results are published in Nature Geoscience.

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