Scientists filmed the amazing migration of 64 thousand green turtles: video

Scientists photographed the amazing migration of 64 thousand Australian green turtles, which are facing extinction

This writes CNN.

Queensland Department of Environment and Science filmed a drone using the drone on the world’s largest green turtle rookery on Rhine Island.

Green turtles are found mainly in tropical and subtropical waters and migrate over long distances, approximately 35 years after their birth.

It is noted that they are threatened with extinction due to hunting for them, excessive collection of their eggs, loss of nesting places on the beaches and getting into fishing equipment.

In a study in December published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, scientists found that using unmanned aerial vehicles is the most accurate way to document endangered marine creatures.

Using drones, the team discovered about 64,000 turtles swimming toward the island to lay eggs.

Researchers plan to use the results to control the population of turtles, and hope that in the future they will be able to automate the counting of videos using artificial intelligence.