Scientists fleeing Wuhan to the United States accuse Chinese authorities of a pandemic

Laboratory staff, where the coronavirus was first detected, fled from Wuhan to testify against the Chinese Communist Party. Now they are actively cooperating with Western intelligence agencies. This was stated by former presidential adviser Steve Bannon.

“They don’t speak with the press yet, but there are people from Wuhan’s laboratory and from other laboratories who have come to the West and are wrapping up evidence in favor of the Chinese Communist Party. I think people will be shocked. ”

According to him, laboratory staff have left China and Hong Kong since mid-February. Now “certain defectors are working” with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to find out together what happened in Wuhan’s laboratory. US intelligence in conjunction with the British counterintelligence service are preparing a lawsuit.

In May, the Associated Press, citing U.S. intelligence data, wrote that the Chinese authorities could consciously hide the danger of coronavirus in order to have time to stock up on medical supplies that are needed to treat patients. China has also blamed the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, which brings together intelligence agencies from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Also, accusations against the PRC were expressed by US Presidential Advisor Peter Navarro. US Senator Lindsay Graham even proposed a bill that would give US President Donald Trump the right to impose sanctions on China for COVID-19.