Scientists have accused the United States and China of creating a coronavirus

11 months ago

Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 was probably developed by Chinese and American scientists, Norwegian vaccine scientist Birger Sørensen is sure.

According to the expert, the genetic sequences on the surface of the coronavirus indicate its laboratory origin.

British professor Anges Dalglish agreed with Sørensen. In the Quarterly Review of Biophysics, specialists published a study according to which the virus has not mutated since the transition from animals to humans, which, in their opinion, indicates the initial adaptation of SARS-COV-2 to humans.

In addition, Sørensen claims that the virus has properties different from the SARS virus that have never been found in nature before.

“We see that he (the virus) did not become the result of natural development. It was produced by the Americans and Chinese in the course of their research on the so-called “mutations with the acquisition of function.” Such work is being done around the world. Nobody talks about it, ”the scientist quoted NRK on June 7.

The Norwegian assured that Washington and Beijing have long been collaborating in these studies, increasing the infectivity of viruses for scientific experiments.

The opinion of Dalglish and Sørensen was shared by the former head of British intelligence, Richard Dearlaw. According to him, an accident could have happened in one of the laboratories.

An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was detected in late December in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Currently, the epidemic has spread to almost all countries of the world.

In recent months, the United States has claimed Beijing’s likely involvement in the pandemic. US President Donald Trump promised to “punish” China for spreading the virus.

Chinese authorities deny involvement, pointing to the natural origin of the virus and timely action.

Many scientists also believe that such a virus could not be artificially created.

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