Scientists have assessed the possibility of infection with coronavirus from mosquitoes

Scientists have assessed the possibility of contracting coronavirus after being bitten by a mosquito. A study in the journal Nature indicated that mosquitoes are not a source of human infection.

Experts stressed that COVID-19 cannot “replicate itself in mosquitoes.” In this regard, the transmission of coronavirus from them to humans is impossible, even if before that the mosquito bit the carrier of the infection.

Earlier, a similar opinion was expressed in the World Health Organization (WHO). They doubted that the new coronavirus could be transmitted through mosquitoes.

On July 18, Doctor of Biological Sciences, virologist Sergei Netesov explained that the rash cannot be attributed to the main symptoms of coronavirus. Netesov drew attention to an article by Spanish scientists in the scientific journal JAMA Dermatology, which says that not all patients have this symptom, but only some of them. “With a high degree of probability, just a concomitant coronavirus, additional infection. It is because of this that not everyone has it [rash] and is observed, ”the virologist concluded.

According to the latest data, the total number of cases of coronavirus infection detected in Russia has reached 765 thousand. 124 deaths were recorded per day. Over the entire period, 12,247 people have died from coronavirus in Russia.