Scientists have calculated how much food spiders eat per year

Science knows about 45 thousand species of spiders, but if you count the total number of individuals, the figure will be impressive – about a thousand per square meter of area. And the weight of all spiders living on Earth, according to estimates, is 25 million tons. Like all living things, spiders need food, but no one has yet been able to figure out how much each spider eats. In this case, mathematics comes to the aid of scientists.

Scientists from the University of Basel and Lund University asked this question and found out that spiders consume up to 800 tons of prey per year. The article was published in The Science of Nature.

As a comparison, the researchers cited the amount of meat and fish that people eat in a year: approximately 400 million tons.

The diet of spiders consists of insects, foottails, some large species of spiders, especially tropical ones, do not disdain larger prey, such individuals eat frogs, snakes, fish and lizards.

Gluttony of spiders depends on their habitat: forest and meadow spiders consume more food than, for example, desert and living in the Arctic zones. Most likely, this is due to the number of insects in these regions.