Scientists have confirmed the theory of the chimeric origin of coronavirus

11 months ago

In the course of the study, scientists identified the vulnerability SARS-CoV-2, the effect on which can destroy the infection.

Researchers from the USA conducted a detailed analysis of a large collection of the coronavirus genome and found that evolution “stitched it from several pieces” – mostly from bats, but there are also inserts from pangolins. ArsTechnica writes about the results of the study.

Scientists believe that the thing is recombination – a natural genetic process in cells, when two DNA molecules with similarities can exchange parts. According to experts, this happened with the coronavirus, which caused a pandemic.

“The coronavirus genome consists of one long RNA molecule, but it is also capable of recombination. An enzyme that copies the RNA genome can malfunction and create a partial copy of one molecule with elements of another that it joined. Moreover, the second molecule does not have to be identical, it just needs to be quite similar. As a result, this process allows the recombination of relatively distant viruses in terms of evolution, ”the article says.

It is reported that during the study, scientists collected a collection of 43 different types of coronavirus taken from different species of animals and humans. Basic genome analysis confirmed that SARS-CoV-2 is closest to bat viruses. But different sections of the RNA of the virus are closer to different viruses of these animals, which, according to scientists, corresponds to the result of recombination.

Also, the researchers claim to have found a zone, the change of which leads to a violation of the essential functions of the virus.

“There are several such zones, but the most sensitive one is located just in the proteins of the corona inherited from the pangolins of the virus. If you act on it with any drug, you can deprive SARS-CoV-2 of the ability to infect human cells, ”scientists say.

Earlier, we wrote that people are starting to test coronavirus vaccines in Oxford. Germany is also starting to test the vaccine against COVID-19 in humans. In the US, human vaccine trials began back in March.

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