Scientists have defined the color of the universe

Scientists have defined the color of the universe

It seems that the color of the universe is black, but this is a misconception. According to the study, the space is filled with light.

The mission apparatus NASA New Horizons, which was originally sent to Pluto, is now exploring the fringes of the solar system. Studying objects behind Pluto at a distance of more than 7 billion kilometers from Earth, the space probe also explores deep space.

The researchers from the National Optical Astronomical Observatory in Arizona conducted an unusual experiment and tried to clarify the true color of the universe – less light from the Sun contributes to this and allows you to better understand the pitch black.

After receiving a series of images, the scientists removed any light sources that would prevent them from specifying the color of space: stars, nebulae, ball clusters, galaxies and other objects.

Despite the removal of the whole known world from known and unknown sources, the images remained filled with light. Where exactly the light comes from, there is still a mystery.