Scientists have found a connection between baldness and COVID-19

Doctors at Brown University say they have found a connection between baldness and COVID-19.

The study focused on the role of male hormones in the process of coronavirus infection and the occurrence of complications. “It turned out that male hormones actually help the virus infect cells, so men get sick more often,” said lead author Carlos Wambier.

He and his team were interested in finding this connection because men with baldness have worse COVID-19 outcomes than others. In particular, his first observations in Spain showed that most of the men admitted to hospitals were bald. Later experiments in other countries confirmed the hypothesis.

“Although not everyone is connected to mechanical ventilation, in general, men with baldness have a worse disease,” says Wambier.

Alopecia is a sign that a man has a pronounced expression of male hormones. A treatment option may be to use drugs that partially suppress them.

The results are published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.