Scientists have found the key to solving the mystery of the creation of the pyramid of Cheops

2 weeks ago

The secret of the creation of the Great Pyramid at Giza may finally be solved, based on the biblical evidence of the construction work at the Second Temple (10-20 years BC) by Herod the Great. The new discovery completely refutes previous ones, according to which the tallest man-made structure in the world was built by slaves or aliens. About it scientists from Bible College and graduate school of Shasta in California, the USA have told.

According to them, it is the Christian scripture that provides the key to the millennial clue.

Archaeological engineer Leen Rietmeyer explained that the Sacred Temple stones were first straightened by a stone carver. This process involved chiseling the sides of the stone to a smooth and vertical surface. Long and narrow grooves were then dug in the ground to allow the wooden beams to be inserted at right angles, after which they were hammered into place and doused with water.

“This causes the wood to swell, and the subsequent pressure causes the stone to separate from the lower layer of rock,” the geologist pointed out.

He added that Scripture even indicates the size of the stones that were used at the time to build colossal projects. We’re talking about what’s known as western stone, one of the largest building blocks in the entire world of 500,000 to 600,000 pounds.

“The oxen pulled the stones with ropes wrapped around the ledges of the building site for a distance of about one mile. It is estimated that about 2.3 million large stones weighing 6 million tons were used to build the Great Pyramid,” said Professor Tom Meyer.

Recall, earlier, an international team of scientists determined the true size of the pyramid of Cheops and found that the shape of its base almost corresponds to a perfect square. This suggests that the ancient Egyptians had advanced construction technology.