Scientists have found the region with the cleanest air on the planet

11 months ago

Scientists believe that they found the cleanest air in the world – it is located above the so-called Southern Ocean

It is reported by CNN.

In a first-of-its-kind study of the bio-aerosol composition of the Southern Ocean, researchers from the University of Colorado identified an area of ​​the atmosphere that remains unchanged as a result of human activity.

The researchers found that the air in the boundary layer that feeds the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean does not contain aerosol particles resulting from human activities, including burning fossil fuels, planting certain crops, producing fertilizers and the like.

The researchers decided to study what was in the air and where it came from, using bacteria in the air as a diagnostic tool to determine the properties of the lower atmosphere. They took air samples at the sea border – part of the atmosphere that has direct contact with the ocean. Then scientists examined the composition of microbes in the air, which are found in the atmosphere and are often scattered by the wind for thousands of kilometers.

Researcher and research co-author Thomas Hill explained that “aerosols controlling the properties of clouds over the Southern Ocean are closely related to biological processes in the ocean, and Antarctica is apparently isolated from the dispersal of microorganisms and nutrient deposits from the southern continents to the south.”

“In general, this suggests that the Southern Ocean is one of the very few places on Earth that have been minimally impacted by human activities,” he added.

REFERENCE. The Southern Ocean is the name of the totality of the southern parts of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans that surround Antarctica and are often distinguished as the “fifth ocean”, which, however, does not have a clearly defined northern border on islands and continents.

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