Scientists have identified the most common source of coronavirus infection

Scientists have identified the most common source of coronavirus infection

During the self-isolation mode, the risk of COVID-19 infection for single family members is higher than if they were using public transportation.

Specialists analyzed data on 1178 patients in Hunan Province, China. It borders Hubei Province, whose administrative center – Wuhan City – was the source of coronavirus proliferation in late 2019.

The lowest risk of coronavirus infection was in health facilities where protective measures were observed. Depending on the proximity of contacts, the risk level increased. It was lower in public transport, catering facilities and places of entertainment, but was higher when communicating with a wide range of relatives, scientists found.

The greatest risk of contracting COVID-19 was in the family, whose members live together. The reason, perhaps, was the fact that during self-isolation they are more in contact with each other. However, the longer the members of the same family with COVID-19 disease stay together, the higher the risk of infection. Every day spent in the same house with an infected person, increases the probability of transmission by 10 percent.

In October, picking up food during the Coronavirus Pandemic was found to be more dangerous in terms of possible infection than travelling by plane. According to scientists, this is due to the operation of ventilation systems on board aircraft and air recirculation. They also recalled that it was important to wear personal protective equipment.