Scientists have identified the worst movie among “horror movies”

Researchers have tracked the heart rate.

The film “Sinister” was recognized as the most terrible chorror in the world in the history of cinematography. It was while watching this film that the audience’s heart rate increased most often.

This is evidenced by the research “The Science of Fear”.

The research was conducted by analysts. They chose 50 horror movies with the highest ratings on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Reddit. The researchers tracked the heart rate of 50 people of all ages who watched more than 100 hours of horror movies. Based on the data obtained, they made a rating of the 35 most horrible movies.

According to the research results, the first place was taken by Chorror Sinister with Ethan Hawk, during which the pulse of the audience increases to 86 beats per minute. On average, the audience heart rate was 65 beats per minute, but when viewed it increased by 32%.

The same heart rate is achieved from watching the Astral, but with less difference. Closes the three leaders Spell with 85 beats per minute.

Also in the top ten included paintings Reincarnation (83 beats per minute), Paranormal phenomenon (82 beats per minute), Ono (81 beats per minute), Spell 2 and Babaduk (80 beats per minute), as well as Descent and Visit (79 beats per minute).

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