Scientists have named an unexpected way to protect against COVID-19

Scientists from Yale University have named an unexpected way to protect against COVID-19. According to the researchers, the cold virus triggers an immune response in the body of the sick person, which allows to avoid infection with coronavirus.

Experts have previously discovered that boosting immunity from the common cold can protect a person from the flu. Therefore, scientists began looking for a similar mechanism to combat COVID-19.

The researchers grew respiratory tract tissue in the laboratory and infected it with rhinovirus, which causes colds, and later with coronavirus. After interacting with the former, the immune system activated and stopped COVID-19 from spreading. Scientists hope that their results will help develop more effective ways to treat the coronavirus.

Scientists have named an unexpected way to protect against COVID-19

In this case, experts note that this method of treatment should be applied as soon as possible from the moment when the patient is infected with coronavirus: this will help avoid the exponential spread of COVID-19. However, in the later stages of the disease, one should not turn to such therapy because high levels of interferon can overstimulate the immune system and exacerbate the course of COVID-19.

“There are hidden interactions between viruses that we do not fully understand. The results we obtained are only part of the puzzle we are unraveling,” stressed Ellen Foxman, associate professor of laboratory medicine and immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine.

Scientists had previously warned of a change in the common symptoms of COVID-19. Researchers at King’s College London believe that mutations in the virus have caused the most common symptoms of infection to now include headache, runny nose and sore throat.