Scientists have presented the world with the most accurate map of our galaxy

Scientists have presented the world with the most accurate map of our galaxy

The GAIA European Orbital Telescope has created the most detailed 3D map of the Milky Way galaxy at the moment, to which we can mark with incredible accuracy almost 2 billion objects, writes EuroNews.

Recall that the telescope was put into orbit 7 years ago, in December 2013. The study of the stars and the observation of them provide an opportunity for astrologers to understand the process of formation and improvement of the stars, and our galaxy in particular.

Gunter Hazingre, head of the ESA research unit: “What are we studying? Essentially, the history of our Milky Way”.

We plunge into the past, like this, archaeologists do, but we go back many billions of years, to a time when the Sun has not yet appeared. Thus, we can say something about the fate of the Milky Way in the early stages of its evolution, and this will help predict what will happen in the future. Nowadays, space is becoming more and more accessible, becoming a commodity.

More and more countries are showing interest in space flight. Space dominates our daily life. We will not be able to do without satellites anymore”.

Over the years, the GAIA project participants have published two catalogs with specified coordinates. This is the third version. In the framework of the project specialists have prepared several ultra-precise maps of the nearest Solar System neighborhoods.
Using the data obtained, the scientists have calculated the exact speed of the Sun’s movement around the center of the Galaxy. Measurements have confirmed that the solar system is indeed gradually accelerating, with its orbital velocity increasing by seven millimeters per second every year.