Scientists have proven that water can be drunk on Mars

The riddle of the twentieth century, the presence of water on Mars, has long been uncovered. Water is found in many corners of the red planet, these are ice craters, clay deposits, as well as an underground lake.

All-terrain vehicles of the USA, made a lot of efforts to do all the necessary tests and tests. In this connection, NASA officially confirmed that water was discovered on Mars.
After the water was confirmed, they began to carry out missions to Mars, since the presence of water is a mandatory fact, without it there would have been nothing to do.

Water on Mars is not as heavily polluted as it was supposed, on the Earth they apply water filtration, which is much more polluted, and use it as drinking water.

Moreover, according to all calculations, in the depths of Mars there should be water similar to spring water, it is necessary to drill a well that is beyond the power of the Mars rovers.
But even that water, which has already been confirmed and found, will be more than enough to drink. Water on Mars contains a large amount of salts, sulfur, ammonia, these chemical elements, it will need to be cleaned.

The first settlements and installations can be placed either closer to the poles of Mars, or to craters with ice, where there is plenty of water.

The use of filtration on Mars is a simple task that the first settlers can easily cope with. It remains only to fly to the red planet. Ilon Musk and the company, in the coming years, will definitely implement this task.

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