Scientists offered to drink tea with sage to prevent COVID-19

German scientists conducted a study that found that sage and railing teas inhibit COVID-19 activity.

The experiment was conducted by specialists from the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital of Essen.

They treated cells infected with coronavirus with teas from these herbs. The drinks were first brought to the boil and then insisted on 60 degrees for two hours.

According to the research results, even a half-hour exposure to sage and railing is enough to significantly suppress the reproduction of coronavirus. Specialists emphasize that this is not a general antiviral effect. For example, with herpes simplex virus such an effect could not be achieved.

German scientists believe that sage and railing teas can be used as prophylactic agents against coronavirus. However, the results of their research will still be evaluated by other experts, reports the biorxiv portal.

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