Scientists Prove Coffee Can Reduce Risk of Death

British scientists have found out that coffee reduces the risk of developing chronic liver diseases. Specialists have also proved the drink’s ability to reduce the likelihood of death in such cases.

The researchers analyzed the data of 494,585 participants of the British Biobank, a project aimed at finding genetic and environmental factors. Volunteers from 40 to 69 years old participated in the experiment. The majority of them confessed their love for coffee (384,818 people), while the rest said they did not drink the drink (109,767 people).

Scientists Prove Coffee Can Reduce Risk of Death

The experts studied the participants’ livers for nearly 11 years and recorded 3,600 cases of chronic liver disease, 301 deaths and 1,839 cases of fatty liver disease. The researchers also took into account factors such as participants’ body mass index, alcohol use, and smoking status.

In the analysis, the researchers found that coffee drinkers of any type of coffee had a 20 percent lower risk of acquiring chronic liver disease or fatty liver disease. In addition, coffee drinkers had a 49 percent lower risk of dying from these causes than the other group.

“In a large sample in the United Kingdom, coffee consumption has been shown to protect against severe liver disease,” stressed Professor Paul Roderick and co-author of the study from the University of Southampton. As a result of the work, scientists have suggested that coffee serves as an effective tool in the fight for liver health.

Earlier, a nutritionist named the ideal time for coffee. According to the specialist, the drink is best consumed between main meals. This approach will help to preserve not only the useful properties of coffee, but also the mineral balance in the body