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Scientists say that they have found evidence of a parallel reality

Scientists say that they have found evidence of a parallel reality

It would seem that this can only be seen in the new series of “Doctors Who”, but recently a group of researchers from NASA, working on an experiment in the Antarctic, voiced an incredible hypothesis. According to scientists, they may have found evidence of a parallel reality – where the laws of physics are the opposite of ours, and time goes backwards.

Scientists came to an unexpected conclusion back in 2016, when they launched a giant balloon over Antarctica with the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (or ANITA) probe. Dry air, due to the lack of radio interference, created an ideal environment to study high-energy particles coming from space – but, examining the ANITA data, experts noticed something strange.

One of the signals wasn’t coming from space, it was coming up from the planet’s surface. In short,” the experts explain, “it means that the particles they recorded “traveled back in time,” indicating that a parallel reality may exist. According to one of the researchers, Peter Gorham, since the discovery of the signal, he and his colleagues have repeatedly tried to refute this hypothesis – but could not present a more convincing theory.

“The only explanation is the existence of a parallel universe formed during the Big Bang and living by mirror laws. – He writes – Instead of the right there to the left, instead of the positive there to the negative, and time flows in the opposite direction”.

Scientists have divergent views on the possible existence of a multiverse. Some criticize the hypothesis because of lack of evidence, others believe that our knowledge of time and space is not enough to simply reject this theory. We can only hope that the discovery of Gorham and his colleagues will bring the experts closer to the solution. They also say, “The Twilight Zone” is just science fiction.

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