Scientists: sweet baking causes muscle pain

Another reason to reduce the amount of flour in your diet.

A research team from the University of Rovira and Virgil, Spain, found that a diet rich in fats and sugars from highly processed foods (such as sweet buns and pastries) over a six-week period increases the amount of inflammatory molecules in the body.

This leads to increased excitability of muscle nerves. This is known as skeletal-muscular neurotransmission.

The experiments were conducted on male Swiss mice. One group was kept on a regular diet with a high content of added sugar, and the second group was kept on a diet with a high content of fat for six weeks. The researchers then counted intramuscular adipocytes and used electromyography to evaluate bone-muscle neurotransmission and muscle nerve responses.

The mice in the first group showed a greater number of adipocytes in muscle tissue, while in the second group they were significantly less. However, both groups showed increased neuromuscular transmission, which continued for several weeks after the end of the experiment.

Scientists concluded that eating hypercaloric food for six weeks increases neurotransmission, which leads to muscle pain.