Scientists talk about the benefits of sex toys

2 weeks ago

Sex toys can be useful in the treatment of a number of problems in terms of urology and gynecology. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Maastricht University.

According to scientists from Maastricht University, adult toys can help with chronic prostate pain and rehabilitation after radiation or pelvic surgery, which led to nerve damage. In addition, scientists advise the use of such devices to treat stress urinary incontinence.

Scientists talk about the benefits of sex toys

A total of eight groups of patients are identified in the article, in the treatment of which sex toys can be used. First of all, these are people suffering from sexual disorders: for example, impaired sexual desire, the ability to experience orgasm or erection problems; patients with neurological disorders (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder); as well as patients with heart disease, diabetes, sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

According to scientists, such treatment will help to get rid of prejudices and fears, which are induced by the society concerning sex toys, and to expand their knowledge in this sphere. At the same time, scientists advise to use toys for adults only after consultation with a specialized doctor.