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Scotland has developed a “Trojan horse” for cancer

Scotland has developed a "Trojan horse" for cancer

Scottish scientists have successfully tested a drug called “Trojan horse” capable of killing cancer and bacterial cells without damaging nearby healthy tissue, writes London Evening Standard.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh crossed a “tiny cancer-killing molecule, SeNBD,” with a chemical food compound to make malignant cells swallow it. The scientists conducted the corresponding experiment on danio fish and human cells. Experts explained, cancer cells are characterized by “greed”, so they need more energy to exist than healthy cells.

The specialists compare the developed preparation with “Trojan horse” because they “masked” SeNBD molecule that kills cancer in the food compound. The University of Edinburgh noted that the research is “an important step in the development of new therapies”. At the same time, the scientists assure that it is necessary to organize additional experiments to confirm the safety and effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of cancer in its early stages.

Earlier, scientists discovered a powerful cancer protection in green tea. The antioxidant gallate epigallocatechin (EGCG) contained in this drink increases the level of the powerful anti-cancer protein p53, which is known as “the guardian of the genome.

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