Scottie Pippen’s Family Album With Her Children And Ex- Wife

A lot of players to make an NBA team! NBA legendary Scottie Pippen has had eight children in his career, and often posts photos of his family of eight.

The NBA star began his family in 1987 after his girlfriend (and the future spouse) Karen McCollum gave birth to their sole child, Antron Pippen. While the couple tied their wedding a day later, the union was not long-lasting, and they split in 1990. Scottie made the announcement on April 20, 2021, that Antron passed away at the age of 33..

“I’m devastated to tell you that I’ve lost my son who was my firstborn Antron. We were avid basketball players and we had numerous conversations about the sport,” the former Chicago Bulls player shared on Twitter at the moment. “Antron was a sufferer of chronic asthma and, if he didn’t have asthma, I believe that he could have made his way to NBA. He didn’t let this hinder him, even though Antron was positive and put in the work, and I am very satisfied with the man was born.”

in 1994 Scottie was blessed with two additional twins – twins Taylor and Tyler This time, with Model Sonya Roby. However, Tyler died nine days after her birth.

On February 15, 1995 Scottie had a daughter Sierra with his then-fiancee Yvette De Leon -Two years later after, he got married to Larsa Pippen and with whom they would later have four sons: Scotty Jr. (born 2000), Preston (born 2002), Justin (born 2005) and daughter Sophia (born in 2008).

Scotty Jr. took his father’s footsteps in athletics becoming a famous athlete at the basketball court of the Nashville’s Vanderbilt University before going on to sign his first NBA contract in June 2022. In June it was announced that the Los Angeles Lakers signed two brothers of legendary basketball players Scotty Jr., while Scotty Jr. joined alongside Shaquille O’Neal‘s son Shareef O’Neal..

“I’m extremely satisfied with his accomplishments,” Scottie told Peoplein September 2022. “As father, I’m not able to be the one to guide Scottie when he plays the game. In the end I took my own wing and left and he’s going to do similar.”

For Scotty Jr. He always recalls his father having his back.

“I’m familiar with people constantly wanting photos as well as autographs therefore I’ve been around it throughout my entire existence,” the Lakers player revealed to the outlet. “But even while I was studying in the college years, we spoke all day long. He was at all the games I played.”

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