Seattle Autonomous Region: fairer than siege

According to several conservative media, Seattle’s center is blazing, and lawless anarchists are raging. But a six-block area, known as the Autonomous Region of Capitol Hill, basically makes locals laugh more than worry.

The area captured by activists is a densely populated residential area with small businesses, trendy restaurants and gay clubs. And it’s not the city center, according to a Fox News report, Bloomberg writes.

The police briefly left their site in the center of the zone, trying to relieve tension with the protesters who gathered after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and this step worked in many ways. However, what many Americans consider a siege is more likely a street fair under a canvas awning.

Seattle’s fire chief Harold Scoggins and mayor Jenny Durkan went inside the area to chat with activists. Most require criminal justice and police reform, rather than an anarchist order. Durcan says that most people inside the zone wear masks.