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Seattle Autonomous Region Leaders Say “Project Completed”

Seattle Autonomous Region Leaders Say “Project Completed”

Actual leaders of the Seattle Autonomous Protest Zone said on Wednesday that “many people left the area” – a few days after the mayor decided to eliminate the zone.

The Twitter account of the Autonomous Zone of Capitol Hill (or the Organized Protest of Capitol Hill) says that there are few people left – many demonstrators have already left. The statement said that “the project is completed.”

The mayor of Seattle announces that the city will remove the autonomous zone without police, captured by demonstrators. Since June 8, thousands of people have been occupying the area 6 blocks near Capitol Hill in Seattle, demanding police reform and justice for George Floyd. This weekend in the zone there were 4 shootings, there are wounded, 1 person died. After that, the authorities decided to completely remove the zone.

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