Seattle autonomous zone cleaned up after shootings

10 months ago

The mayor of Seattle says the police will return to the occupied protest zone, known as the “Organized Protest on Capitol Hill.”

Seattle will be spared the 6-block autonomous zone after two shootings that occurred over the weekend inside the area. One has dead, said Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The mayor said the violence is distracting from the changes that thousands of peaceful demonstrators are waiting to confront racial inequality and police brutality. About two weeks ago, activists organized a zone in the area of ​​Capitol Hill, barricading themselves in the area after the police left the looted building.

City leaders have faced growing criticism – including from President Trump – for maintaining the protest zone amid reports of violence in the area. The police cannot enter the area where the number of fights and attacks is growing. The dismantling of the zone will follow the death of a 19-year-old man on Saturday in one of the shootings.

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