Secretary of State of Georgia: the vote recount confirmed Biden’s victory

Brad Raffensperger says the state certifies Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia

Georgia’s state secretary of state Brad Raffensperger said Thursday that the state’s manual ballot count confirmed that the winner of the November 3 state election was Joe Biden.

The recount began after unofficial voting results showed that Biden won about 14,000 more votes than Trump.

There is no doubt that the state certifies Biden’s victory, said Raffensperger.

According to him, the recount result is very close to the one reported on election night.

According to the official data published on the website of the Secretary of State of Georgia, Joe Biden won the state elections with 12,284 votes and 2,475,141 people voted for him. Donald Trump won 2,462,857 votes at the recount. The recount resulted in a slight 0.0099% increase in Trump’s results, according to the Georgia State Secretary’s Office.