Segway will stop producing 2-wheel scooters

10 months ago

The product amounted to only 1.5% of Segway sales in 2019, so the company decided to abandon its production.

The company creates scooters as an alternative to urban transport. On Wednesday, the brand announced the discontinuation of the famous Segway PT model scooter, which has a self-balancing function, two wheels and one center steering wheel. This scooter was popularized by tourists and law enforcement agencies, but its popularity has plummeted.

In addition, it turned out that the product is very durable, able to run smoothly for more than 10 years, so customers are in no hurry to replace it, the company said.

Segway is moving its business toward “consumer products, with a focus on the Segway Powersports and Segway Robotics scooters.

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