“Seize the initiative”: why the US State Department announced its readiness for provocations during Trump’s illness

The United States is ready for provocative actions of external opponents during the illness of Donald Trump. This was stated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to him, Washington is aware of “forces acting with malicious intent.” So the head of the foreign policy department answered the question of a journalist, can anyone take advantage of the situation around Trump’s coronavirus infection to harm the country’s interests. According to experts, with such statements, Pompeo wants to “seize the initiative” from the Democrats in foreign policy so that they do not again begin to accuse Trump of “collusion” with Moscow. At the same time, analysts emphasize that in reality, members of the Democratic Party will take advantage of the illness of the American leader, whose goal is to discredit the president.

The United States is ready for provocations by opponents during the illness of President Donald Trump. This was stated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in response to a journalist’s question whether anyone can take advantage of the situation with Trump’s infection with coronavirus infection to damage US interests.

“Our team is ready (for something like that – RT) … We know that there are forces in the world that are acting maliciously and do not recognize norms. The United States is fully prepared for this – both the State Department and our diplomats. I met today with (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces – RT) General Millie. Everyone is ready for this, ”said Pompeo.

Earlier, Trump was hospitalized with a diagnosis of coronavirus infection. The head of the White House himself spoke about the improvement in his condition after he was taken to a military medical hospital. According to the presidential adviser on national security Robert O’Brien, the White House is not considering the possibility of Trump transferring his powers due to illness.

Doctor Brian Garibaldi during the briefing did not rule out that the US president could be discharged from the hospital on October 5. According to him, the condition of the American leader continues to improve.

According to political scientist Alexander Asafov, Pompeo’s statement is “an attempt to seize the initiative in the field of foreign policy from the Democrats, since Trump himself cannot do this now.”

“The illness of the American leader has somewhat changed the agenda and definitely narrowed it down for the head of the White House himself. Now he comments mainly on his condition, the fight against coronavirus and the election campaign. Issues related to foreign policy remain unaffected. Trump cannot cover them right now, as it will look strange, given that he is in isolation. However, this is an important component of his election campaign, which the White House cannot ignore, ”the expert noted in a commentary on RT.

For this reason, the US Secretary of State is now trying to activate one of Trump’s main lines, “since his hands are free,” Asafov believes.