Serial rapist jailed for almost 900 years in U.S.

Serial rapist jailed for almost 900 years in U.S.

A serial rapist was found guilty on 46 counts.

For more than fifteen years a serial rapist terrorized the people of California. And recently he finally received a court verdict. According to the court, the notorious criminal will spend the rest of his days behind bars.

The rapist, known as NorCal, received a kind of record punishment – judges sentenced him to 897 years in prison.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office reports that Waller was found guilty of crimes including kidnapping, forcible rape, oral copulation, homosexuality and more.

The jury verdict found him guilty on 46 counts. The series of assaults occurred between 1991 and 2006 against nine women, each of whom testified in a years-long search for justice.

As the detectives who investigated Waller noted, in most cases he attacked at night, breaking into homes, tying up his victims and raping them. In some cases, the perpetrator took the women to ATMs, where he took their money through threats and violence.

Earlier we reported that the coronary crisis provoked an increase in domestic violence, and the difficult economic situation does not allow social services to provide full assistance.

A new program to combat violence against women will be presented to the government for approval next Sunday. According to it, men serving time for domestic violence will only be able to leave prison after they have undergone special therapy.