10 months ago

Seven schoolchildren drowned while trying to save a friend

10 months ago

Seven Chinese students trying to help a friend who fell into the water drowned in the river.

The authorities of the Misn village of Tongnan County organized rescue operations as soon as they received a message that someone was drowning on the dam of the Fujiang River. More than 200 people took part in them, but it was not possible to save the children. The bodies of eight minors were found in the water.

According to reports, all children studied in elementary school. During the game near the dam, one of them stumbled and fell into the water, the other seven tried to help him, but they themselves could not get out of the river.

Earlier, four Russians died while trying to save a drowning girl on the Onon River in the Onon district of the Transbaikal Territory. The incident occurred during a vacation company of relatives near the village of Nizhny Tsasuchey. While swimming in the river, a 15-year-old girl fell into a whirlpool and began to sink. Adults rushed to her aid, including three fishermen who were nearby.

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