Sex-changed teenager stabbed his mother 118 times

Sex-changed teenager stabbed his mother 118 times

A 17-year-old in the United Kingdom strangled his own mother and then stabbed her 118 times. He then called emergency services and asked them to bring in a body bag.

It is noted that the teenager had ambushed his mother at home when she returned from a jog. He then strangled her, made sure the woman lost consciousness, and stabbed her 38 times in the head, 64 times in the neck and 16 times in the arm. Afterward, according to police, he called 999 and in a “calm, impassive voice” said: “I just killed my mother. (…) I strangled her and stabbed her with different knives and something else.”

This happened in July of this year, but the court hearing did not take place until December 14. It was supposed to take place in October, but a few days before the scheduled date the teenager was found dead in a ward of a mental hospital.

According to law enforcement officials, the boy had undergone a sex change, becoming genderless, and had changed his name from Ben to Rowan. He also showed signs of depression and suicidal behavior.

The teenager’s father insists that he did not kill himself and did not kill his mother on purpose, but because of psychological problems that intensified during his time in private school.