Shaq Want To Collaborate With Jeff Bezos To Purchase Phoenix Suns

Shaquille O’Neal, a legend in the NBA, said that he would consider buying Robert Sarver’s shares in the Phoenix Suns. He even teamed up with Jeff Bezos.

Shaq spoke with TMZ Sports Saturday to explain that he was interested purchasing the team, but that he had heard Jeff Bezos was as well. Although Shaq is worth approximately $400 million, it’s clear that his pockets aren’t as deep as those of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Shaq stated, “Nobody can compete with Big Man JB.” “Because you don’t know what? Amazon just shipped 50 items to me today. Big Man JB got the money in !”

However, Bezos would be open to welcoming the four-time champion onboard if he feels that it’s possible.

He said, “If he would like me to join him, I would be happy to talk with him.” “But, as far attempting to own a team all by myself and go up against — I’ll tell you something, Big Man JB is scared of Shaq O’Neal.” Shaq O’Neal fears Big Man JB span>

It is not known if Bezos would be interested in Sarver’s shares. Last month, the disgraced owner declared his intention to sell off a part of the team. He was given a one year suspension for his racist and misogynistic language.

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