Shipwreck off the coast of Louisiana: one man dead, 12 missing

4 weeks ago

The catastrophe happened on Tuesday night, six sailors were saved.

The U.S. Coast Guard in the state of Louisiana reported Wednesday about the wreck of a commercial ship with 19 people on board that capsized as a result of a storm in the Gulf of Mexico. So far, the body of one casualty has been found, 12 people are still missing and six sailors have been rescued.

At a news conference in New Orleans, Captain Will Watson, commander of the Coast Guard sector, said the ship capsized late Tuesday night during the storm. Wind speeds at the time were between 130 and 145 kilometers per hour, and sea level had risen 2 to 3 meters.

Seacor Marine is the owner of the 39-meter self-propelled crane ship Seacor Power. Watson told reporters there were 19 people aboard the vessel when it left port Tuesday.

The Coast Guard responded to an emergency radio message Tuesday from the ship 13 kilometers south of Port Fourchon, in southern Louisiana. The shipwreck was broadcast over the radio, and numerous vessels in the area at the time responded.

Self-propelled open-deck crane vessels are used to carry heavy equipment, most commonly used to support well drilling or oil exploration.

Two Coast Guard vessels arrived on scene within 30 minutes and rescued two people from the water. The remaining vessels on the scene rescued four more sailors.

The U.S. National Weather Service reported that a cyclone formed off the coast of Louisiana on Tuesday, causing a severe storm in the area.