Shooting again in Seattle Autonomous Region, teenager dies

One teenager killed, another injured as a result of a new shooting in Seattle’s police-free zone.

Six people were shot dead in an organized protest zone on Capitol Hill in 10 days, which forces local authorities to resolve the issue of dismantling it more quickly. The so-called Capitol Hill Occupation Zone, an area of ​​6 quarters, has been occupied by demonstrators since May 25, and violence breaks out almost every day in the zone. Initially, hundreds of people settled in the area, but after the death of several people from bullets, the number of activists greatly decreased.

After a new shootout, the 16-year-old is dead and the 14-year-old is in critical condition. Violence makes local officials seriously doubt the safety of the camp and take steps to eliminate it. Police should return to the area later this week, say city council members.

Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, previously stated during a meeting with protesters on Friday agreed that barricades surrounding the protest area would be lifted on Sunday. But on Sunday, not a single command to dismantle the barricades arrived, they are still in place.