Shooting kills five people in U.S.

Shooting kills five people in U.S.

In the U.S. city of Indianapolis, Indiana, an unknown gunman opened fire, which killed five people, including a pregnant woman.

The first victim with gunshot wounds was found by law enforcement officers in the northeastern part of the city. The bodies of the other victims were later found in a house near the first crime scene.

According to Mayor Joe Hogsett, the crime is in the nature of a mass murder. He added that the shooting brought “horror” to the city.

Police Chief Randal Taylor said a connection between the victims is being established. He believes the incident was not random, but the motive for the crime is not yet known. Law enforcement officials have not been able to identify the assailant. It is noted that there could be several shooters.

In December, it was reported that in the U.S. town of Milpitas, California, an unknown man made a shooting at the mall before Christmas. The intruder shot a man in the mall, after which panic ensued. Police officers arrived on the scene and ordered everyone to calm down, not to leave the mall and to lock themselves in the pavilions. The wounded man was hospitalized.