11 months ago

Sick COVID-19 may not return the smell

11 months ago

Scientists from the nonprofit scientific institute Monell Chemical Senses Center in Pennsylvania (USA) found out why when infected with coronavirus, the body often loses its ability to smell.

According to preliminary data from American scientists, about a quarter of the surveyed patients who recovered from COVID-19 reported problems with smell. According to them, the sense of perception of odors significantly weakened after about two weeks after the disappearance of other symptoms of the disease. Doctors said that it can take up to several months to restore the sense of smell, but this issue needs additional research.

Moreover, experts do not exclude that for some patients the loss of smell will become irreversible and they will forever lose their normal perception of smells. The phenomenon of loss of ability to perceive odors was explained by American doctors as a protective reaction of the body’s immune system. According to their assumption, olfactory receptors going to the brain literally “commit suicide” to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

One of the patients with the coronavirus said that due to the loss of smell it is experiencing severe stress and even lost weight because it has ceased to enjoy food – his favorite pizza now tastes like cardboard. He also admitted that he was afraid to stay home alone, because due to loss of smell he would not be able to feel a possible gas leak or the smell of smoke.

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