Significant progress in the Lod lynching investigation

Significant progress is reported in the investigation into the lynching of Yigal Yeshua in Lod.

The investigation is being carried out jointly by the Shabak and the officers of the Central Police District.

A restraining order was issued against publication of the details of the investigation, but it will be lifted in a week.

Yigal Yeshua was returning home from a family holiday in the Ganei Aviv neighborhood on May 11. Yigal’s brother, Efi, asked him if he feared what was happening in Lod. “He replied, ‘Everybody knows me, the Arabs too. Who’s going to touch me?”

In one of the streets, already close to home, he was attacked by an Arab mob. The car was pelted with stones. One stone broke through the car window and hit Yigal. A second stone also broke through the window and hit Yigal. After that, the Arabs attacked Yigal. He still managed to get to the doorstep of his house, but eight Arabs attacked him there. Yigal suffered severe head injuries from which he died in hospital.

Yigal’s organs were donated by his family. Brenda Avis, an Arab woman from East Jerusalem, received his kidney. She waited nine years for a donor. Brenda says, “I thank Yehoshua’s family, heaven be thankful. For me this family is now part of my family.”