Sioux do not want to see trump on its territory

Sioux tribal president Julian Bear Runner says Native Americans do not want to see Donald Trump on Mount Rushmore.

“People will want to exercise their right from the first amendment and protest,” says the tribal leader.

The president of the tribal council said Donald Trump should not attend the July 4th celebration and fireworks on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Runner believes that this could be a new wave of coronavirus among members of the tribe, and so severely affected during the pandemic.

He also said that Trump’s presence is an insult to the Native Americans on whose stolen land he is building his business. “The arrival of Trump is a security issue not only for my people inside and outside the reservation, but also for people on the Great Plains. We have limited resources at Black Hills, and we are already seeing an increase in infections, ”Ranner said in an interview with The Guardian.

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