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Sister Kim Jong-un compared with the Terminator

Sister Kim Jong-un compared with the Terminator

Kim Yo Jeong, sister of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, is called a powerful player in North Korea, but her ultimate goal is unknown. In her native country she is called the “princess”, although she acts as a Terminator. This is the conclusion reached by journalists of the New York Post.

“From what I noticed, she’s cold, ruthless and arrogant,” said Susanna Scholte, American co-chairman of Free North Korea Radio (Free North Korea Radio) and president of the Washington DC Defense Forum. – Her new aggressiveness is part of the consolidation and strengthening of power. Kim Jong-un must show that if something happens to him, then he has a successor, and that the Kim family … the pedigree is still in power. ”

According to the journalists of the publication, Kim Yo Jeong made herself the force that almost instantly has to be reckoned with in Pyongyang. “North Korea doesn’t have number two, but it behaves like number two,” said David Maxwell, a retired US Army special forces colonel and expert on North Korea. He noted that it was very unlikely that the sister of the North Korean leader could do this on her own: “Kim must have given her power. This gives him options for the future. ”

Some say that despite the fact that Kim Yo Jeong is a young woman, it is wrong to say that North Korea will never accept a woman leader. “She’s fierce and formidable, and I don’t think her gender is a problem at all,” said Sean King, Asia Specialist at Park Strategies. He added that women run powerful black markets in North Korea, despite the country’s reputation as a strong patriarchy. According to him, the mystical pedigree of Mount Paektu (Kim dynasty) is important, although it is based on lies.

However, insiders say that Kim is under tremendous pressure from the elderly, who help him rule North Korea, because he failed to lift UN sanctions, the newspaper notes. “It could be part of a deception strategy,” Maxwell said. “He sits and watches as we meditate. Remember, it’s all about sanctions, and North Korea is heading south to get them to intervene in Washington’s actions. ”

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