Six Disclosures From Hailey Bieber’s “Call Her Daddy” Interview (Counting Those Selena’s Rumours)

The world is waiting with baited breath for Hailey Bieber’s conversation with Alex Cooper on Call Her Daddy -and now it’s here.

From the way her union with one of the most famous performers has defined her style of life and her enduring rumors about Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez with Hailey She’s talking about all the major scandals that have impacted her life over the last couple of years. Hailey was always open about her insecurities about these issues in order to protect her personal relationship as well as for Gomez However, she’s put her feelings aside for one interview.

As Gomez is preparing to release her documentary My Mind and Me (which is more than six years of work) We’re almost certain that the film will address her turbulent relationship with Bieber that ended in a single, definitive way in the year 2018. There has been speculation that Hailey has been trying to beat Bieber to the punch in this interview, and closing the door to any accusations about cheating was a factor in her first relationship with Bieber.

Below, the most explosive details you need to be aware of.

How her marriage to JUSTIN impacted her identity

Hailey has spoken about her struggle to talk about her life but not discussing Justin who she’s always come to the center of controversy for.

“Well we’re married, and he’s a major aspect of our lives,” she said. “It’s somewhat inevitable sometimes since our lives are interspersed. I know his last name.

She also declared Justin the “best buddy” and “the most human being” she acknowledged the hurdles that he’s faced throughout his life and the immense joy she feels despite her perception of him as an “regular man.”

What is the reason she believes their ENGAGEMENT SUCH CONTROVERSIAL?

The news was announced about the fact that Hailey was engaged to Justin had been engaged since July of 2018 the internet had an unbalanced reaction. A few people (namely Jelena fans) were quick to criticize Justin of proposing to Hailey for incorrect motives (read that he wanted to retaliate against Selena). Justin was quick to denounce these remarks on Instagram in a post that said Hailey was “the most amazing thing that’s ever occurred to me.”

When asked why that people were quick to judge their involvement, Hailey has a different idea.

“Honestly I believe it’s due to the fact that we’re both young,”” the woman said. “I completely know. Personally, I didn’t think I’d be married this young. I would say that the timing was extremely quick and I fully understand. It seemed a bit extreme and crazy, yet it was a good fit for us at the time.”

Then she took the time to talk about the ever-changing time-line of incidents that stirred people the mostthe most popular being speculation of some sort of cross-over in between herself and Gomez.

“The only two people who truly have the full picture of the incident, including the timeframe of the event and what transpired down is myself and him. Perception is a very difficult thingbecause when viewing things from the outside, you’re able to view it as one way, but it may not reflect the truth of what transpired inside the comfort of a closed room.”

Hailey has since acknowledged that she could imagine what it would look like on the outside but she remained determined the fact that only she as well as Justin is the sole ones who can tell the truth.

“I am aware of how we got to the point we are. Period.”


The answer we’ve all been waiting for popped up around 20 minutes into.

“People were confused by the timeframe”, Alexis told Hailey and then added that they were accusing Alexis of being a “homewrecker because of how invested the couple was in Justin and Selena’s love affair.

And then, Alexis point blank asks Hailey to confirm if she ever was romantically involved with Justin romantically while she was Selena.

“No,” Hailey fired back, not skipping a beat. “Not the first time.”

“When us began getting together, or something like that the fact is that he wasn’t in any sort of relationship. I don’t have the character to interfere with someone else’s relationship and I was raised much better than this.

She then added that there are occasions when you could be engaged in”back-and-forth “back-and-forth” in a relationship else while watching other people, but she made sure that nothing of the sort was not happening.

“I recognize how it appears at first glance, but it was an instance that I am certain of an absolute certain that it was the right decision to shut that door. Of course there’s a lengthy time line there, and I value the past quite a bit. I’m not going to speak on either the parties’ behalf’s.”

She further explained that part of why she and Justin were able to form an enduring bond so quickly was due to the fact that the ‘door’ between him with Selena was “completely shut.”

The ‘JELENA’ HATE EFFECTS her mental health

Hailey confessed that she hates comparisons and has talked to an Psychologist about ways to avoid the dreaded comparison trap, particularly when she’s constantly confronted with a famous woman in the media.

“A majority of the hatred is based on the idea that ‘oh, you took him’ and it’s true that the guy wishes to be with somebody else. That’s fine you can wish it however you wish but that’s not the case.”

Alexis later inquired Hailey to clarify the matter in her Instagram livestream, during which people supported Jelena fans to abuse her and make hateful comments and pledged their loyalty for Justin as well as Selena.

“There’s some kind of numbness you experience,” she reflected. “It continues to happen until this day, and if I were to live now the same thing would be taking place. It gets to a point that you must avoid it.”

Hailey later added that the incident was “hurtful” to Justin and also labelled the incident as bullying.

“If we’ve made progress then why shouldn’t you?” she asked.

HOW DOES SHE is managing MENTAL health issues

Hailey talked about her need to be liked, calling herself as a “people who likes people,” and revealing that it’s not always good for her mental well-being. She also said that she’s come to accept that it’s impossible to be in the spotlight and expect everyone to admire you.

“I’m being in the presence of a large number of people, which makes it easy to decide the way you feel about the person you’re with. Sometimes, it can feel extremely heavy.”

Then, she confessed that she’s had issues to overcome suicidal ideas in the past, and credited her family and friends for helping her through.

“I’ve been forced to be gentle to myself” she admitted, in reference to the stigma that surrounds her mental health issues because she lives an enviable life. “I’m still trying to stop being able to justify the way I feel, and I’ll likely be working on that for the rest of my life.”

Her message to SELENA FANS

“You’re not obliged to be like myself, yet I do believe that regardless of what happens it is, there will always be an understanding between people. This to me means that you don’t have to be saying anything. Behind this screen is a individual with an intellect as well as a heart, so you should know that what you speak will have an the impact of.”

In a surprise twist, Hailey also explained that she and Selena have been in contact following her wedding with Justin and that’s why Hailey is confident that everything will be fine.

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