Six police officers killed in a shootout in Mexico

6 police officers were killed in a shootout in Mexico.

According to the Durango State Attorney’s Office, a group of police officers were ambushed in the municipality of El Mesquital. It is reported that 8 police officers were heading to serve in the state capital by car. At one of the turns, law enforcement officers were attacked by unknown armed people.

The police were able to call for reinforcements. It helped repel the attack.

As a result of the shootout, 6 police officers were killed. Another 7 law enforcement officers were injured.

“Two more civilians were killed in the clash,” said Durango State Attorney General Ruth Medina Aleman.

The injured police officers were airlifted to Durango State hospitals. Now their condition is not a cause for concern.

6 cars were left at the place of the shootout. Traces of blood were found in some of them. It is assumed that the wounded and dead criminals were taken from the scene of the attack by their accomplices.

The search for intruders is underway.