Sixty-three people died in Oregon because of a heat wave

During a typical year, about 140 people across America die because of heat waves. But a record-breaking heat wave in Oregon alone killed 63 people in the past week.

According to state police, 63 Oregonians died amid a record heat wave that began last Friday. Meanwhile, 45 of the recent Oregon deaths occurred only in Multnomah County, which includes Portland. State police said authorities have obtained data from forensic scientists in each of the state’s 36 counties.

Marion had the second-highest number of deaths from the heat wave, with nine. In Washington, five people died. Clackamas had 2, and Columbia and Umatilla one each. Some of the victims were found alone in homes without air conditioning or fans.

“We need people to check on their neighbors, especially the elderly who may need help. Outdoor workers like our farmers and construction workers will need frequent breaks,” President Joe Biden said during a meeting with state and local leaders about the drought in the West.