SJ Sheriff “Be informed of this incident and the risk from this event”

Funeral services in honor of Hell’s Angels motorcycle club founder Ralph “Sonny” Barger, who died in the year 2000, to occur on Saturday at Stockton 99 Speedway is expected to attract hundreds of members as well as others on in the afternoon on Saturday. This has prompted a caution issued by San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow for residents to stay away from the area.

“There is a long-standing history of these kinds of gatherings which resulted in stabbing, shooting and even homicides,” Withrow said at the press conference held on Friday. “I’d like every person in the area to become aware of the incident and the risk that could result from this type of event.”

It is believed that the Department of Justice considers motorcycle clubs such as those of the Hell’s Angels to be gangs “whose members utilize their motorcycle clubs to facilitate their criminal enterprises,” Withrow said. In the event, the Sheriff’s Office learned about the planned funeral on August. 25 and failed to obtain an injunction in the courts to stop the ceremony from taking place the funeral, Withrow said.

The ceremony comes just only three months since Barger who established his own Oakland Chapter of the Hell’s Angels in 1957, passed away from cancer at 83. Barger was a household name as the spokesperson for the group, which was subject to several federal investigations of racketeering and criminal enterprise through the decades as reported by USA Today.

Barger born in Modesto was found guilty in 1988 of conspiring to murder members of rival clubs and demolish their home, The Associated Press reported at the time.The incident comes just about three months following Barger was the founder of his own Oakland section of Hell’s Angels in 1957, passed away from cancer at the age of 83. Barger became well-known for his portrayal of the group, which was the subject of numerous federal investigations into racketeering and criminal enterprise in the past according to USA Today.

Barger who was born in Modesto and was later convicted in 1988 of conspiring to kill members of rival clubs and to blow their headquarters. The Associated Press reported at the time.The Sheriff’s Office initially sought to stop Barger’s funeral from being held in Stockton through an injunction in the courtroom and insisting Tony Noceti — the director of the company that runs the speedwayto not hold the funeral, Withrow said. It was later discovered that the Sheriff’s Office was denied the court order and Noceti “disregarded the advice of all of our Law Enforcement partners” as per Withrow.

The Hell’s Angels first approached the Oakland Coliseum as a potential location before they decided to go with their own 99 Speedway, Withrow said. On Friday, 4500 people had registered to attend Barger’s funeral. However, the funeral could attract many more people, he noted.

“I was informed that by Hell’s Angels if there’s a issue, they’ll take care of the issue,” Noceti said. He told reporters he was contacted by an “very dear acquaintance of mine” to let the funeral for Barger to take place at the speedway.

In addition to the compensation for the sale of food and drinks during the party, Noceti announced that he won’t be compensated to use his venue.

Sheriff deputy Nick Goucher, a department spokesperson, said “There is going to be high-visibility police patrols … Not only in the region however, across all of the county.”

Withrow advised residents to stay clear of the area around the Speedway situated just to the west of Highway 99 and North Wilson Way, on Saturday. “There will definitely rival gangs within the vicinity,” he said. Traffic delays of a major magnitude within the region are probable, Withrow said. The funeral will take place from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. With a ceremony scheduled to begin around three p.m. and concluding around 5:45 p.m. Following that, there will be performances performed by Fryed Brothers Band. Fryed Brothers Band.

Services will also be livestreamed through Speedunion TV.

Withrow will not go into specifics about the police’s plan for preventing potential violence during the funeral, but stated that police from the Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Stockton Police and other agencies are committing huge resources to secure the region. “We can manage the situation. This isn’t going to result in a crime,” Withrow said. “If it gets out of hand during an event such as this…we’re going to make sure it’s kept away from our public good.”

“We have a great chance of making this an enjoyable ceremony,” Noceti said. “I know that the Sheriff has a responsibility to fulfill I am aware that what the Hell’s Angels are the most famous group around the globe. However, we’re trying to organize an appropriate funeral in this town.

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