Sleep management device created in the USA

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed dream control technology that helps to improve a person’s creative abilities, reports. The choice of sleep theme is influenced by a special Dormio device controlled by a mobile application. “The technology is called Targeted Sleep Incubation,” Popular Mechanics reports.

Dormio repeats certain information at an early stage of sleep – hypnogogy. According to scientists, in terms of brain activity, it is similar to the phase of REM sleep, but in a state of hypnagogy, a person can perceive external signals, in particular, sounds. This circumstance was used by the developers of the device. “Dreams about a certain topic can be useful after waking up, for example, for solving any creative problems. This is quite expected if we recall the examples of Mary Shelley or Salvador Dali, who drew inspiration from their dreams, ”said one of the creators of the device, Adam Haar Horowitz.

Experiencing fear during nightmares allows you to better cope with the stress that occurs while awake. This is the conclusion reached by experts from the University of Geneva. In the course of the experiments, the scientists analyzed their brain activity while the subjects were sleeping. It turned out that the areas of the brain that are activated during terrible dreams, during wakefulness, on the contrary, showed reduced activity.