Smart gadgets that will improve quality of life

2 weeks ago

People are slaves to habits, and not always those habits are healthy. A recently launched harm reduction project in Kazakhstan states: bans do not work, and reduced health damage “today” is better than a complete change in lifestyle, but “never. Fortunately, you can enlist the help of smart technology to do just that.

Smart gadgets that will improve quality of life

Smart Pillow

Lack of sleep is bad for everyone: people get irritable quickly and think worse. Scientists have even called lack of sleep the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Smart pillows will massage your shoulders and monitor your sleep and then give you useful recommendations. Researchers from the University of North Texas noted that such devices sensitively track stress, and in the fight against insomnia even more effective than sleeping pills.

Electronic cigarettes

Nicotine is addictive, but it is not him who is dangerous, it is the cigarette smoke: when a cigarette is burning, it emits about 6,000 chemical elements, about 100 of which are carcinogenic. These elements are what lead to the diseases that are printed on cigarette packages. An alternative is electronic tobacco heating systems, which do not burn – scientific studies have shown that such devices emit 90 percent fewer harmful substances than conventional cigarettes.

Posture correctors

Improper posture is the reason why you may have a headache or develop osteochondrosis and herniated discs. Not everyone has the opportunity to do physical therapy during the day, and a device for posture correction will be a good alternative: even if it does not increase activity, but it will definitely be less of a problem with the back.


It is believed that the optimal humidity level in the room is 40-60 percent. Too dry air is harmful: we get tired faster, and more dust gets into the lungs. As a bonus, such humid air makes it harder for infections and viruses, including coronavirus, to spread. Taylor, a researcher at Harvard Medical School, reminds us, “Humidifiers are no substitute for masks or social distancing. But when you at least have moist air, it’s better than nothing.”

Smart water bottle.

Humans are 50 to 60 percent water, which is used to lubricate joints, regulate body temperature, and nourish the brain. Smart bottles equipped with sensory sensors will remind you to take a sip in time and allow you to accurately track how much liquid you drink in a day, according to the University of Alabama.