Snapchats Not Sending – Is The App Down?

Many thousands of Snapchat users have taken on Twitter in order to voice their frustration that their Snapchats aren’t being sent. Users are eager to find out if the app’s servers are completely down or if there is an issue that isn’t permitting them to send snaps. If you’re among the unhappy Snapchat users, we’ve collected all the information about this issue. Read on to find out how we can help you eliminate this problem.

With more than 332 million users per day, Snapchat is among the popular social media apps. It first came into the spotlight because of its numerous filters, but it’s now being a focal point for of the incorrect reasons.

The users aren’t happy with the app’s performance, as they can’t send photos to friends. This shouldn’t been a shock to users, as the app regularly crashes. This isn’t only about Snapchat but all various social media platforms continue to encounter issues with every passing day.

What is happening with Snapchat at the moment? Do you think you sure that the Snapchat servers down, or have an issue? Let’s look at all the facts regarding why Snapchats haven’t been able to send messages since September 2022.

Why Are My Snapchats Not Sending?

On the 30 the day of September in 2022 many of Snapchat users took to Twitter to say that their Snapchats aren’t sending. Some users have reported that their snaps aren’t even sending, while others have received the red ‘failed to send’ alert displayed on the screen.

The issue is prevalent across all media types that are shared on Snapchat. From chat messages, stories and photos , the app is experiencing a massive interruption this time.

According to the Down Detector issue, the issues began in the app around 6:30 am GMT and continue to be present up to Friday, September 30 2022.

Users are worried over their streaks and expressed anger on Twitter. Additionally, Twitter has not rolled any official statement on the matter to date.

Here’s the way Snapchat users are responding to this issue on Twitter:

One user inquired “None Snapchat snaps I’ve taken are being sent. Are you sure that Snapchat offline?”

Another user said, “Is it just me or is Snapchat not working rn?”

“Snapchat pls fix your app i can’t send anything” wrote another user.

“Is snapchat down for others too because mine is not sending snaps,” demanded another Twitter user.

How To Fix Snapchats Not Sending Error?

The glitch has affected a number of users all over the world. Snapchat hasn’t responded to any customer’s inquiries yet, however it appears to be a glitch on the part of the server.

At the moment, it appears that we’ll have keep waiting for Snapchat to address the issues. But, you could try the following solutions to fix the problem:

  • First, restart your device to verify that your internet is functioning properly.
  • You must log out from your Snapchat handle and then log back in.
  • Check to see if your application is up-to-date to the latest version. If you’ve not upgraded your app in some time, be sure you do so because older versions can display issues.
  • The second reason could be the space limitations in your phone. You must ensure that you are able to store enough data on your phone in order for the app to function correctly.
  • The cache of the app could be the reason for this error. Therefore, make sure to remove the cache on a regular basis.
  • If none of these solutions work, contact Snapchat support for more help or to wait until developers to address the issue.

The Bottom Line

All we have is details on reasons why your Snapchats haven’t been sent out on September 20, 2022. We hope that the app will fix the issue soon.

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